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Dried Morels 1st Choice

Morel mushrooms, also known as Morchella mushrooms, sponge mushrooms, or pinecone mushrooms, are a rare culinary jewel. The Morel mushroom is one of the most sought-after and prised gourmet mushrooms in the world.
Though not absolutely impossible, it is quite rare for Morchella to be grown commercially, which means they are typically only harvested in the springtime when they pop up along forest floors, river banks, and occasionally disturbed flower beds. 

Though they are only found during spring and early summer months, they can be dried to preserve flavor and enjoyed year-round in broths, and braises. They are also decadent when sautéed, fried, stuffed, or baked. 

Dried Morels 1st Choice without Stem 200g bag

Dried Morels 1st Choice

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