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French Antesite Licorice Mint

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Antésite Mint Non Alcoholic Licorice and Mint Flavouring - 130ml. French Antesite Licorice Mint transforms water into a refreshing French treat! All you need is a few drops and you have a 1 calorie refreshment and one bottle is enough to flavor up to 85 liters of water! A little goes a long way so this tiny bottle of Antesite Reglisse menthe mint concentrate packs a punch. It's naturally sugar free and flavored with licorice and mint; what's actually in it is a closely held secret, but it's so delicious that you have to try. But don't just limit yourself to water - try it like the French do in your sparkling water, coffee, milk, tea or even as a sweetener in your yogurt, ice cream or other treats. Mint and a touch of fennel has a lot to offer and with a slogan like "The only way to drink water", give it a try and transport yourself to the South of France on a hot summer afternoon.